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Hot Sale Big Scale Rice Packaging Machine

Hot Sale Big Scale Rice Packaging Machine/Fertilizer Packing Machine 1. Suitable for packing rice, seeds, fertilizer, sugar, fodder,  feedstuffs,  corn, beans,etc. 2. Adopting double high precesion sensor and intelligent meters; 3. Error automatically ammended, trouble self-inspected, packaging speed display; 4. Adopting famouse brand process switch and air equipment, Performance Stable,and easy to maintainence; 5. Stainless Steel material-containers and flow outlet parts; 6. Optional machines: sealing machine, sewing machine, belt machine. Name Electric quantitative weighing packing machine Model DCS-50 DCS-5 Packing speed More than 300 Bags/H More than 300 Bags/H Packing range 2.5-50kg 0.5-5kg Sealing mode Heat sealing…