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Packaging Machine Packaging Powder for Fertilizer Plastic or Granule

《Packaging Machine Packaging Powder for Fertilizer Plastic or Granule》

Packaging Machine Packaging Powder for Fertilizer Plastic or Granule

Packaging Machine for Fertilizer Plastic Packaging Powder or Granule 3-8bag/min
Packaging Machine for Fertilizer is used to packing fertilizer pellet, designed for quantitative packing of materials.It includes double bucket type and single bucket type.The machine has the characteristics of integrated structure,simple installation,easy maintain,and very high quantitative accuracy below 0.2%.

Application of Packaging Machine for Fertilizer
1.Food categories:seeds,corn,wheat,soybeans,rice,buckwheat,sesame,etc.
2.Fertilizer categories:feed particles,organic fertilizer,fertilizer,ammonium phosphate,large particles of urea,porous ammonium nitrate,BB fertilizer,phosphate fertilizer,potash fertilizer and other mixed fertilizer.
3.chemical categories:for PVC,PE,PP,ABS,polyethylene,polypropylene,sodium chorite and other granular material. quantitative packing.
4.Food categories:white sugar,ingrganic salts,flour and other food categories

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