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Granule Particle Chicken Feed Pellet Packing Machine 25kg

granule particle chicken feed pellet packing machine 25kg
Product description :
1:packing machine is integrated by packing machine and sealer . the integrating type is very flexible, can change into heat sealer and sewing sealer .if nylon, linen, cloth or paper bags .we will install sewing sealer, if plastic bags, will change heat sealer .it can pack 10-50kg pellets into bags.
2:The weight can be adjusted from 10kg to 50kg ,when falling down pellets to bags, it can measure weight automatically , when bags reach its adjusted weight , full bag will automatically fall down to bottom conveyor and transport to sealer , the sealer then automatically sealing bags. The pellet falling down  to bags  speed can be adjusted also.

Model Capacity
Weight (kg)
DCS-10 Small bag 2-10kg 0.37 2.35*0.78*2.25 300
DCS-35 Small bag 5-20kg 0.37 2.85*0.78*2.75 390
DCS-50 Small bag 20-50kg 0.75 2.85*0.78*2.75 480
《Granule Particle Chicken Feed Pellet Packing Machine 25kg》

Granule Particle Chicken Feed Pellet Packing Machine 25kg

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