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Automatic Quantitative Jumbo Bag Packaging Scale

《Automatic Quantitative Jumbo Bag Packaging Scale》

Quantitative Jumbo Bag Packaging Scale

1) New controller with high precision, working stable, can display the total weight, number of package, easy operation
2) The adaptive software, having the function of over-weight warning and auto-diagnosis
3) Products using imported sensor, pneumatic actuator, easy maintenance and non-pollution
4) The main material body is carbon steel, with painted plastic. And material contact part is stainless iron, corrosion resistance, and long service life.

Applicable scope
Apply to weigh mineral, chemical, building material, grain, feeds industries ton bag
Function characteristics
1 Apply big, small two kinds of feeder, quick, slow, accurate three grade material feed.
2 Frame connect with sensor, transmit weight signal to electrical cabinet, electrical cabinet control the whole machine. 3 Electric small car run back and forth on rail, convey packed product, start or stop car controlled by worker, the final stop station is decided by two limit switch.
4 External signal and sensor signal transmitted to electrical cabinet, according to program, electrical cabinet control material-feed start/stop, cylinder go up or down, small car move or stop.

Technical parameters
(Model): LM-1000-Z
(Package style): Ton bag
(Material feed scope): 500–1200kg
(weighing speed): 4-6/ From feed-start to feed-stop, 4-6 ton/hour
(Air supply): 0.4~0.6MPa
(Total power): 2.5kw
Dimension: 5200x1800x3500(L× W× H)

《Automatic Quantitative Jumbo Bag Packaging Scale》

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《Automatic Quantitative Jumbo Bag Packaging Scale》

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