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25kg carbon black packing machine

Weighing range(kg)
Gas supply(Mpa)
       Grade 0.2
DCS-5          1-5


Powder packing machine is a kind of automatic weighing and packing equipment designed for chemical, pharmaceutical, flour and food industries.Adopt the high precision electronic weight check mode weighing and measuring to control the flow of raw materials to achieve accurate filling operation, its high degree of automation, prevent the pollution of the material itself to the environment, so as to effectively protect the operator safety, and the system can be used in wet, dangerous or other bad environment.

《25kg carbon black packing machine》

25kg carbon black packing machine

《25kg carbon black packing machine》

25kg carbon black packing machine

《25kg carbon black packing machine》

China supply flour glucose atta bag weigh and pack machine 25kg

Design concept
1、This machine is mainly composed of four control systems: bag clamping device, automatic weighing system, conveying mechanism and computer control.It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, beautiful shape, stable operation, energy saving and electricity saving, easy operation and accurate weighing.Packaging scale is required to have the following characteristics:

2、Adopting advanced microcomputer control and processing technology, frequency conversion speed regulation, easy operation, speed and precision greatly improved.
3、Double helix blanking, high efficiency, stable work, easy maintenance..
4、Host, conveyor belt, controller network, ensure humanized operation, reduce the labor intensity of workers.
5、Adopt contact material 304 stainless steel, improve corrosion resistance.
6、Automatic storage of shift production, daily production and cumulative output information.
7、Working mode: manual bagging – filling and automatic weighing – bag drop – conveyor out
Features: 1. High packaging accuracy 2. Fast filling speed 3. Less dust on site 4. Low labor intensity 5. Long service life 6. Economical

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